Power Hydrodynamics is the first to offer franchise opportunities in the pump testing and energy efficiency industry. Due to high energy costs and environmental concerns, Business are constantly looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of there facilities, pumps and motors. Our decades old business has thrived by giving businesses a variety of testing services that were previously available to only a select few businesses with large internal staffs.

Pump Testing Quick Facts
  • Many areas throughout the United States require annual or bi-annual pump tests of all well pumps within that areas water basin. This is market waiting to be tapped.
  • With increasing energy cost, clients are seeking methods of reducing energy usage.
  • Simple pump efficiency tests like those performed by Power Hydrodynamics, can identify these inefficiencies and demonstrate potential savings.
  • Some problems can be fixed with simple adjustments, while others require the repair services of a pump service company.
  • A $250 pump test can often identify inefficiencies that can save the client hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a year by correcting.
Ready to tap into these markets?
  • Municipalities
  • Facility maintenance companies
  • Well drillers
  • Pump installation and repair companies
  • Irrigation system design and installation companies
  • Government agencies

This franchise is not being offered to residents of the following states:California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin 

This offer is not directed to any person in the states listed above by or on behalf of the franchisor or anyone acting with the franchisor’s knowledge. NO franchises can be sold in the states listed above until the offering has been registered and declared effective by the appropriate regulatory authority and the uniform franchise offering circular has been delivered to the offeree before the sale within the applicable time frame. This franchise is offered only by delivery of a franchise offering circular.


Total Investment:
$66,250 to $99,650

Preferred 2 years in water management or similar technical field.

Sales and service oriented with a desire to help clients save money by becoming more energy efficient.

Fast growth in this high margin service business gives you the freedom of owning your own business with the support of our seventeen years of experience.

With an increasing focus on energy efficiency and “going green” demand for our services is growing rapidly, making this the ideal franchise opportunity for someone looking to grow a new business while also helping the environment.