How Our Prices Can Save You Money

Over the past decade, our prices have proven to bolster our clients' bottom line. In some cases, the investment in our testing is repaid in just one day and results in 364 annual days of savings.

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 Pump System Analysis
  • Sound well
  • Measure water flow (GPM)
  • Rate over all efficiency and cost to pump an acre foot.
 Test Pricing:
  • $250 for Standard test
  • $25 for Multi-flow test
  • $275 for Certified Pump test
  • $275 for Certified Flow test
  • $350 for Deep well/booster combo
  • $325 for Domestic well with water test
  • $275 for Real Estate transaction pump test*
  • $75 Approx. for Potability Water Test
  • FREE* Annual Cost Comparison
 Irrigation System Analysis
  • Analyze system
  • Make suggestions that will make your system more efficient
 Test Pricing:
  • $1,550 for Irrigation Test
 Rate Management
  • Review your current rate and estimated usage to insure that you are on the proper rate
  • 20% of the estimated first year savings
  • Or $200.00 per hour
 Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Survey your facility
  • Look for ways to help to reduce your energy bill
  • Pricing to be negotiated
 Water Management
  • Analyze your system
  • Look for ways to help your irrigations to be more efficient
  • Pricing to be negotiated
 Condition Monitoring
  • Infrared Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Evaluations
  • Vibration Analysis
  • See CMP price sheet
Requires additional information for calculations. This is an upgrade to either the Standard or Multi-flow pump test and/or to an Irrigation Evaluation. Prices subject to change without notice.