With our eighteen years of pump testing experience, we have identified the markets to target for pump testing services. Power Hydrodynamics will perform a full market evaluation before the franchisee can establish their business, to insure that there are approximately 5,000 pumps in the market. As an initial evaluation of a market there are things that you can observe in your market to see if there is sufficient demand for this service.

Target market customers include the following:

  • Municipalities:  When you see water towers these are an indicator of pumps
  • Pump Service Companies and Well Drillers: If there are Pump Service Companies and Well Drillers in town they are clients for your services.
  • High Rise Buildings: Buildings over four stories require water pumps to push the water to the upper floors.
  • Agriculture: Farmers are big users of water for their crops and livestock.
  • Industries: Food processing, lumber and similar industries all use large quanties of water.
  • Heavy water users: Golf courses, schools and other heavy users of water usually are pumping their water.
  • Irrigation and Landscape Designers:  Working with water delivery is a large part of their service.
  • Title Companies:  Property sales where well water is used, are often required to test the pump as part of the inspection.
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