Our business has grown as the demand for energy efficiency has grown and as the demand for businesses to be more efficient has grown.

High Margins

As a service business there is minimal costs associated with each service that you provide. After your initial investment into our system and the tools that are required, you provide the service and receive the fees.

Low Overhead

This is a home based business with no additional staff required for most franchisees. You keep the costs down and profits up.

Target Marketing

Our experience has lead us to develop a targeted market analysis that is provided to each franchisee that tells you who your prospects are and approximately how many pumps they have and how to target them.

Superior Training

Our training focuses on the two primary aspects of the business: performing services and marketing. Training for pump efficiency testing is a combination of classroom and field work that insures your complete understanding of the testing protocol regardless of your previous experience. Our marketing training includes a full market analysis of your territory to target potential clients as well as proven marketing materials. We will also make the initial sales calls on those identified clients with you in your market.

Limited Competition

There is an increasing demand for these services, but there is a limited supply of qualified technicians to supply the service. In many markets you may be the only one providing these services.

Established System

With our system you not only learn how to market and service your clients, but you also receive access to our proprietary reporting system that allows you provide the client with a detailed analysis of their pump efficiency and the potential energy savings from recommended services.