What Is It?

Ultrasonic testing provides a quick and accurate method for equipment condition analysis and leak detection. Many facilities have systems involving compressed air or other gas, steam, and electrical systems. Ultrasonic sensors enable Power Hydrodynamics technicians to detect and pinpoint problems problem areas by helping you:
  • Identify Costly Air, Steam and Vacuum Leaks
  • Locate Systems Losses
  • Locate Leaks in Exhaust Systems, Heat Exchanges and A/C Systems
  • Track and Monitor Motor Bearing Wear
  • Expose Electrical Tracking and Corona Effects

We can also perform Air Production Cost Analysis and Quantification of Air Leakage Costs. Undetected air leakage can exaggerate air requirements which can lead to over-sizing equipment. Once air leaks have been addressed, they can be corrected at little cost by a maintenance team.

Who Should Be Tested?

Municipalities, Water/Irrigation Districts, Agricuture Operations, Industrial Plants, Auto Repair, and Commercial Landlords.

Why Get Tested?

With ultrasonic technology, early warning signs and defects can be detected, preventing costly repairs, safety-related injuries, and unscheduled downtime.

When to be tested?

Ultrasonic testing is frequently performed as part of a regular schedule maintenance on an annual basis or when a problem that can be detected by ultrasonic testing is suspected. Most systems should be evaluated at least once a year.