What Is It?

Almost all motors experience high vibration levels at some point during their life. Not recognizing and fixing the problem in a timely manner can lead to expensive repairs and costly downtime.

Vibration Analysis will help:
  • Locate Worn Bearings and Gears
  • Evaluate Mechanical Resonance
  • Balance Fans and Rotor
  • Locate Misalignment
  • Locate Electrical Problems in Machinery

Who Should Be Tested?

Municipalities, Water/Irrigation Districts, Agricuture Operations, Industrial Plants, Auto Repair, and Commercial Landlords.

Why Get Tested?

Do damaged bearings shake your equipment into expensive early replacement?

When a problem occurs, it is critical to quickly identify the source of the trouble and take corrective action. Using present-day diagnostic techniques can save you money and downtime. Vibration Analysis by a skilled Power Hydrodynamics technician can help you determine the cause of the problem to help prevent expensive repairs and costly downtime.

When To Be Tested?

Vibration analysis is frequently performed as part of a regular scheduled maintenance on an annual basis.